Artist Statement

I learned traditional Japanese pottery techniques while attending Kanazawa Art University over 30 years ago. During the school year I also became familiar with metal and lacquer work, but I was more attracted to ceramics because you use your body gestures directly to form the material. At the same time, I learned a lot from the contemporary art movement. For example, mono-ha an artistic trend which emphasizes the natural altered state of the material used. The use of mixed-media and having free form of art representation intrigued me. Since then I’ve been creating ceramic sculptures inspired by both contemporary mixed-media art and traditional Japanese pottery. My creations consist mostly of ceramics, although I like to combine other materials as well. I’m interested in the relationship of the human and the nature that I can see in the process of the earth makes the material “ceramic”.
I respect that ceramics have existed for more than 12,000 years in Japan and that the techniques have been highly developed. However, what I’m looking for is not material or technical value, but the evocative power that the earth has and to carry that energy into my creation.



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